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Waste Gases

The regulation regarding the periodical inspection of gas cylinders states that the internal condition of the cylinder shall be thoroughly examined. Therefore we have to open the cylinder to perform an internal visual inspection. A safe evacuation of the residual gas in the cylinder is a logical first step in our production flow.

Because of our expertise in gas receptacle treatment, our customers regularly ask us to remove residual gases from cylinders and prepare them for other gas services. In this case we are mainly talking about gases with complex recipes used by specialty companies, laboratories, hospitals research centers and universities for analyses.  

Various (public) institutions and the industry signal the need for waste gas treatment too.  This includes process waste as well as gas cylinders confiscated by the police or “orphan”-cylinders found here and there.

Our treatment of waste gas should be considered as a specialized addition to the existing waste material streams, involving the transportation, collection, temporary storage and recycling through our own installations or by third party companies. The larger part of the residual or waste gases are processed by our scrubber in which we neutralize the acidic or alkaline gases by transforming them into harmless salts. The method is 100% efficient and at present the best available technique. Unlike to burning of waste gases, our process is free from any emissions into the open air. Some examples of gases we can handle like this are  HCl, NO2, H2S, NH3, SO2, …

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