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Periodical Inspection

One of our core businesses is periodical inspection, testing and maintaining all kinds of gas cylinders, bundles, drums or other pressure receptacles. We are an “In-house Inspection Service” and operate under the supervision of Apragaz for the testing and inspection of TPED-conform gas cylinders. In addition we hold a DOT “Requalifyers Identification Number” for DOT-3A/3AA high pressure, DOT-4B/4BA/4BW low pressure and DOT-8 and DOT-8AL acetylene cylinders.

For the certificates, please click here.

The testing techniques we mainly use the hydraulic pressure test, with an optional volumetric expansion test, inspection of acetylene cylinders and ultrasonic examination. Additionally, we also provide numerous other services amongst which:

  • External grit blasting of steel as well as aluminum cylinders
  • External painting with a choice of a premium 2-components wet paint or powder coating
  • Internal cleaning and/or internal blasting of both steel and aluminum cylinders
  • Mounting of new valves and protection caps, labeling and/or bar-coding
  • Replacement of neck rings
  • Bundle assembly

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