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Our Dutch team can call on many years of experience in the periodical inspection of cylinders and bundles for acetylene. Various strategically positioned sensors monitor our workshop continuously and guarantee a safe atmosphere to open the cylinders and inspect the porous mass thoroughly. In case of any accidental release of the flammable gas, our monitoring system will set off well-defined levels of alarm. The safety of our staff is of course most essential here.

Cymaco Nederland also is an “In-house Inspection Service” under the supervision of Apragaz for the inspection of TPED-conform acetylene cylinders.

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Next to the mandatory periodical inspection we can provide the following services:

  • External grit blasting of steel as well as aluminum cylinders
  • External painting with a premium 2-components wet paint
  • Mounting of new valves and protection caps, labeling and/or bar-coding
  • Bundle assembly and replenishing of solvent contents (acetone or DMF)
  • Recycling of out-of-service acetylene cylinders
  • Recycling of residual acetylene gas

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